CS Go Launch Options

Not everyone knows that, in addition to the CS: GO console commands, there are also commands of a different type, called “launch parameters”. These launch options allow players to change some general configurations according to their specific needs, for example, which version of DirectX to use, whether to run the game in full screen or in window mode, whether to skip the screen saver to increase download speed, etc. Some of these parameters are very important for increasing FPS on weak PCs or just for a qualitatively comfortable game.

In order to register these parameters, you need to run steam, go to the library, right-click on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and then go to properties. Here we will write the parameters for running CS: GO. To begin, consider the majority of well-known teams, and then we give examples of professional players and a set of parameters for those who have weak computers (less than 150 fps on all CS GO maps).

List of CS Go Launch Options

Quite a few options that can help you in one way or another, but we will try to explain what each parameter means so that you can correctly use them to customize the game for yourself and your computer.

    Highlight the basic settings:
  • -novid - turns off the introductory video in CS GO;
  • -w 640 - sets the width of the screen resolution;
  • -h 480 - sets the height of the screen resolution;
  • -full - runs the game in full screen mode;
  • -window - starts the game in windowed mode;
  • -noborder - runs the game in windowed mode without a frame;
  • -low - starts the game with low priority;
  • -high - starts the game with high priority;
  • -dxlevel 81 - to use DirectX 8.1;
  • -dxlevel 90 - to use DirectX 9;
  • -heapsize 262144 - allocates 512MB of RAM for the game;
  • -heapsize 524288 - allocates 1GB of RAM for the game;
  • -heapsize 1048576 - allocates 2GB of RAM for the game;
  • -noaafonts - disables screen font smoothing;
  • -freq 100 - to change hertz monitor;
  • -soft - runs the game in graphical mode; Software;
  • -d3d - runs the game in Direct3D graphics mode;
  • -gl - starts the game in Open GL graphics mode;
  • -noforcemparms - uses the settings of the mouse buttons from Windows;
  • -noforcemaccel - uses mouse acceleration settings from Windows;
  • -noforcemspd - use mouse speed settings from Windows;
  • -nojoy - disables joystick support;
  • -noipx - disables the LAN protocol;
  • -noip - to remove the IP address without the ability to connect to servers;
  • -nosound - disables sound in the game;
  • -nosync - disables vertical sync;
  • -console - includes an in-game console;
  • -dev - to enable the developer mode;
  • -zone # - to allocate more memory to files, such as autoexec.cfg;
  • -safe - starts the game in safe mode and disables audio;
  • -autoconfig - restores default video settings;
  • -condebug - saves all console logs in a text file console.log;
  • -nocrashdialog - disables display of some errors;
  • + exec name.cfg - to connect the config named "name".

Best CS GO Launch Options

One of the most pressing questions in the counter is the launch parameters of the CS GO. And the most interesting is that the launch parameters of the COP 1.6 do not differ significantly from the COP. The only difference is that there are more of them in Global Offenssive.

Now we will look at all the settings for launching the CSW, the main points with raising the FPS, and also give examples of how cybersportsmen set themselves up for the game.

CS GO Launch Options for Low Ping

Ping depends on the quality of communication, the higher the quality, the lower the ping, and the lower the ping, the more convenient it is to get into the head. Everyone probably knows that when you play CS, traffic (packets) is exchanged between the server and your computer, its total amount (MB) depends on how many times a minute requests are sent to the server. The number of requests can be reduced, thereby reducing the traffic exchange with the server. I would also like to add that not a single setting may come up, so experiment, look for your golden middle.

    Commands to drive into a console or preset them in the config.cfg file.
  • DSL-settings: (more than 8 Mbit)
  • rate 25000
  • cl_cmdrate "101"
  • cl_updaterate "101"
  • fps_max "100.0"
  • DSL-settings: (for 64 Kbit - 8 Mbit)
  • rate 20000
  • cl_cmdrate 51
  • cl_updaterate 51
  • Good game!
  • cl_cmdrate - the number of updates (packages) of information from the client to the server, per second
  • cl_updaterate - the number of updates (packages) of information from the server to the client, per second
  • rate - restriction of incoming traffic (from server to client) in bytes per second
  • cl_rate - restricts the flow from the client to the server Quote:rate #### - Stream (in bytes) from the server side. In general, this value should be lower by about the speed of the modem connection by about 20-30% (because the outgoing flow also exists and, taking up all 100% of the bandwidth of the line, you will doom yourself.

CS GO Launch Options Fps Max

In CS, GO is a pretty nice picture on almost any graphics settings. We set the minimum graphic settings in the game, except for the parameters affecting the gameplay and performance. Turn on shadows and multi-core processing. Resolution set the maximum. Go to “Sound Settings” → Speaker type: 2 speakers.

    Startup options for the game:
  • -noaafonts - Disables screen font smoothing.
  • -threads 4 - Enable 4 CPU threads. If you have a 4-core Intel processor with Hyper-threading or AMD with SMT, then set 8. Accordingly: 6 cores - 12 threads, 8 cores - 16 threads, etc.
  • -high - Run a game with high priority; it is not recommended to bet on weak CPUs.
  • + fps_max 300 - Maximum FPS threshold. It affects only the download speed of the card.
  • -nod3d9ex1 - Allows you to quickly collapse and expand the game.

You should get something like the following launch parameters: -console -novid -noaafonts -threads 4 + fps_max 300 -nod3d9ex1.

If you are using the no-steam version of cs go (pirate), then you need to run 7Launcher CS: GO, go to the launcher settings and click on the “Restore game” button. At the same time in the same place you can register the launch parameters of the game.

CS Go Launch Options 144hz

The main principle in the driver settings "Performance is more important than the quality of graphics." This means that you should always turn off such things as anti-aliasing, vertical synchronization, etc., because this creates an additional delay when displaying pictures on the monitor.

Step 1: Setting up the graphics driver (unfortunately, the example is only with nVidia.)

Step 2: Update frequency and resolution. The frequency resolution of the monitor plays a huge role and gives you a more correct gaming experience. For example, monitors with 60 Hz updates your screen every 16 ms, and 144 Hz every 6 ms. It seems to you that this is a very small difference, however it is noticeable in the game. You should always be sure that you are playing at the maximum available refresh rate that your monitor can afford.

I think you already know what screen resolution is. I recommend using the one that gives you a higher FPS, but higher than 1024x768, otherwise it will be difficult to distinguish anything in the game. My resolution in the game is 1600x900 and the highest refresh rate is 144 Hz. For older and slower monitors (60/75 / 85Hz), you should find the model of your monitor and find out what is the maximum value of the horizontal and vertical refresh rates. If everything is set up correctly, you do not need to create a user permission.

Step 3: CS: GO startup options. Now you have to set the startup parameters.

    Our recomended startup options:
  • -freq 144 -w 1600 -h 900 -threads 4 -high -novid -console
  • -freq 144: Should match the refresh rate of your monitor. (Important!)
  • -w 1600: Should match the length of your screen.
  • -h 900: Should match the height of your screen. (In pixels.)
  • -threads 4: Must match the number of cores of your processor.
  • -high: Sets high priority for CS: GO.
  • -novid: Does not display the Valve logo.

CS GO Console Commands

Start Menu Console Table

Everyone knows that the console in CS: GO has a big role in the game. We do not know more than one game where you need to know the description of the options in such detail. At the same time, a large number of options must be registered before the match. Or rather, you can not prescribe, and save to your cfg and constantly use it. But most players still overestimate the console in CS: GO and focus too much on theoptions, and in general over cfg. Console commands are a good tool for organizing a comfortable game. This is what affects your game. Therefore, keep a detailed list of all your friends and use your health.

Enable Console

In order to be able to use console commands, you must enable the ability to open the console. To do this, you need to set the “-console” command in the game settings, or in the settings of the game itself there is a “Enable Developer Console” function. The console opens by pressing the Tilde (E) button on the keyboard.

Server Settings

  • mp_restartgame 1 - make server restart;
  • bot_kick - remove bots from the server;
  • bot_add_ct - add bot for CT;
  • bot_add_t - add bot for T;
  • mp_maxmoney 15000 - the maximum amount of money is $ 15,000;
  • mp_startmoney 5000 - the amount of money at the beginning of the game is $ 5000;
  • mp_warmup_end - finish the workout;
  • mp_limitteams 0 - remove the limit on the number of players in teams;
  • mp_autoteambalance 0 - disable auto-balance in commands;
  • mp_maxmoney 15000 - the maximum amount of money is $ 15,000;
  • mp_startmoney 5000 - the amount of money at the beginning of the game is $ 5000;
  • mp_roundtime 5 - round length in minutes;
  • mp_maxrounds 155 - limit of rounds (maximum number);
  • mp_timelimit 55 - maximum playing time in minutes;
  • mp_c4timer 55 - bomb timer;
  • mp_freezetime 0 - removes freeze time at the beginning of the round;
  • mp_buytime 500 - changes in purchase time in seconds;
  • mp_buy_anywhere 1 - opens the opportunity to buy weapons across the entire map;
  • ammo_grenade_limit_total 6 - remove the limit on the number of grenades;
  • mp_warmuptime 55555555 - change the warm-up time;

    Server Commands
  • sv_cheats 1 - players can use cheat commands;
  • sv_visiblemaxplayers 25 - the maximum number of players on the map;
  • sv_specnoclip 1 - a player in the spectra will be able to fly through walls and objects;
  • sv_specspeed 1.5 - change of speed in the spectrum mode;
  • sv_forcepreload 1 - players will be able to connect only after the server is fully loaded;