This topic will be interesting to every novice player in the CS GO, and by and large to those who decided to become the most useful player in the competitive mode - those who give accurate and important information about finding opponents, may not even stand out for shooting and have a minimum number of frags . But thanks to him - others can make important “minus-A” per round. And so, as you already guessed, it will be a question of CS GO cards.

New CS GO Maps

The most notable innovation were two cards Sub-Zero and Biome. They are available so far only for non-rated games, but on the contrary Austria map was added to the rating matchmaking.

But the balance of the cards should be maintained, so by adding two new cards, Valve removed two old ones: Shipped and Insertion are excluded from all modes. The Canals card has been withdrawn from rating games.

New maps look extremely interesting and atmospheric, especially the northern lights on Sub-Zero. The card has a positive impression, but it is worth being extremely careful with all sorts of traps. There are many places for ambushes, deceptive maneuvers and hidden games. If you are a tactical player, here you can improve your skills.

CS GO Mup Sub-Zero

As for the Biome card, the territory is a greenhouse, “OGM Désert”. Presumably this is a botanical research complex.

In person it is difficult to determine the place, but judging by the words of French origin and the words “Division Afrique”, it can be assumed that this is the Western Sahara. It is a French colony in the past. Terrorists are eager to exploit the local lands and their inhabitants, as indicated on the page of the map in Steam.

CS GO Mup Biome

Old CS GO Maps

After Valve released the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game update, the main change in which was the removal of legendary maps from the official tournament map set. More detailed here.

We propose to recall which tournament cards played games in older versions of Counter-Strike. Some of them received reincarnation in CS: GO, while others remained in the history of the great game.

1) De_dust

De_dust CS GO MupAll CS fans, of course, remember that de_dust2 has a big brother. Made in similar "desert" textures first Dust was one of the first competitive cards in the history of the game. It was this love of simple appearance, against which the models of the players looked quite contrasting, and brought in many ways to “give” popularity. In addition, novice players were very attracted by the simplicity of the card: one of the “Bomb Places” is located directly at the base of the defending team, and getting to the other counter-terrorist team was also not difficult.

2) De_aztec

De_aztec CS Go MupAnother familiar to all lovers of the game card is de_aztec. It was distinguished not only by its characteristic light-stone textures, which provided the basis for many fan cards, but also by its original sounds of cicadas, and from version 1.6 also by its own stormy weather, which, however, could be turned off. At eSports tournaments, the map lived for quite a long time and presented many wonderful matches, for example, the 4Kings and SK Gaming confrontation or the derby M19 against forZe.

3) De_prodigy

De_prodigy CS GO Mup One of the first maps in the DE format (maps with object mining scenarios) in Counter-Strike was the de_prodigy map, created by the famous map creator with the nickname Hobbit. The map used the original texture of the game Half-Life, the mod of which CS was originally. Therefore, the location itself really resembled distant complexes of the Black Mass science base, where the events of the original game took place. For a variety of reasons, the card quickly lost its popularity in the five-by-five game format. First, protecting the long and narrow tunnels for counterterrorists was a very easy task. Secondly, the defenders used the ventilation to quickly move between the "bomb-place", the attack was to divide and disperse into distant parts of the map. Third, even the “poor lighting” of the location played into the hands of the defense, the models of which were dressed in dark special forces suits. Because of the not very high quality monitors at the beginning of the 2000s, this was also an important factor.

4) De_cbbl

De_cbbl CS GO Mup Another popular tournament card of the beginning of the zero was de_cbble. This map was also present in the early beta version of Counter-Strike and was an improved version of the de_cstle location. Due to the presence of only one exit to the distant Bomb Place for the attacking side, the terrorists could only control it through a quick attack. With the positional game, the defenders again received a solid advantage, especially due to the presence between the two bases of the buffer zone, called the connector. By taking literate positions, counter-terrorists could move between Bomb Places in a matter of seconds, complicating the already difficult life of the attack team.

5) De_cpl_mill

De_cpl_mill CS GO MupThe de_cpl_mill map has become the most popular of those created directly for the Counter-Strike competition. It worked the creators of the cards of the professional organization Cyber ​​Professional League (CPL), which was reflected in the title. However, another equally popular name for this card is de_clan1_mill, or, more simply, “clan mil”. Having provided all the errors of the “native” cards in Counter-Strike, the developers made two full-fledged exits to each of the “Bomb Places”, and also forced the defense to waste time at the beginning of the round to occupy truly advantageous positions. Thus, the attack received a real opportunity to conduct both quick and positional attacks on both bases. The map was even more popular in its reincarnation in the form of de_tuscan, where not only were the textures “pretty refreshed”, but also an even greater variation of actions for the attacking team was added. Now the terrorists could make a fit out the window and attack a large base through a more convenient door (they had to climb out of the hatch up the stairs earlier on de_cpl_mill).

CS GO Maps Callouts

Do you often play matchmaking or face-to-face with foreigners, but do not know how to communicate with them, what kind of information to give them, using communication in the game? Then this article was created especially for you! СS GO is a game where info is important. As soon as you give the correct location to the opponent your opponent, so are more likely to win a round.

Since there are many foreigners in the game, mainly Europeans, from the Poles to the Swedes, we thought that you would be better acquainted with the material and use it in the future for your own purposes. Let's get the correct info about where you were killed, where you last saw the enemy, etc. With the help of communication, you can agree in advance on what point of the plant you will go with the team.

Especially for beginners or perhaps even skilled players who do not know the names of the positions on the CS: GO cards, the craftsmen have signed all the notation (names) of the points on the popular maps.

  • 1) Positions on the map De_dust2
  • De_dust2 Callouts
  • 2) Positions on De_inferno map
  • De_inferno Callouts

  • 3) Positions on De_nuke map
  • De_nuke Callouts

  • 4) The name of the positions on the map De_Overpass
  • De_Overpass Callouts

  • 5) Positions on De_mirage map
  • De_mirage Callouts

How to Make CS GO Maps

You can read a good guide and learn how to create primitive maps for CS: GO without spending a lot of time learning from video tutorials. We will not be required to programming skills or a great knowledge of the PC. All we need is a small program already built into the Steam platform, with which we will learn to model our first map with me. This program is free and registered by Valve, so you can not be afraid about VAC ban and viruses.

  • 1) Go to the Library.
  • 2) Click on "Tools".
  • 3) We are looking for the "Counter Strike: Global Offensive - SDK" list. Download and run.
  • 4) Click on the first button.
  • 5) After, we have a window run. We press in it the button "File".
  • 6) Then - "New".
  • 7) Bravo! You have created an empty map layout. At the moment you should see our main three buttons.
  • 8) Since we are beginners, we will make an ordinary square first. Click "Browse" and take to your taste any texture.
  • 9) Now let's start drawing our layout. The screenshot explains how to do this.
  • 10) Lets go through the control: we point to the part with textures we chose and click the "Z" on the keyboard. Now you can view everything with the WASD buttons and the mouse.
  • 11) Next, in order for us to walk inside this square - click on it, it will turn red.
  • 12) Click on the right window with the right button and click "Make Hollow".
  • 13) I advise you to set 64 in the choice of volume.
  • 14) Now the juice of leadership. We press on the bulb - we do it on the taste, where our spawn will be.
  • 15) Direct the place, then paint the paint - a terrorist should appear. For CT, choose another location for spawn - click x2 LMB and in the Сlass column enter "info_player_counterterrorist".
  • 16) Go to the settings of the terrorist and enter "prop_dynamic", click "apply".
  • 17) We are looking for the string "World Model" and go to "Search".
  • 18) A window appeared with our textures. We click twice - the item appears on our map.
  • 19) This is what should happen.
  • 20) To create a passage in our square map, select the desired side and draw on it a square-like passage.
  • 21) Click "Enter", then select the place that you drew, press RMB - "Delete".
  • 22) It should turn out the cut, which we did. And to check in the game: File - Run Map. In the menu we put everything as on the screen and click "Go"
  • How to Download CS GO Maps

    Having searched the Internet for a couple, you can find sites with a large selection of maps for CS GO, each player will be able to choose for himself exactly what he wants, and download maps for CS GO for free. This section can be called a kind of CS: GO workshop. You will be able to choose a category that will allow to train shooting skills to the highest level (AIM cards), download the bunnyhop and a large number of the most diverse mods, including zombie cards for the COP. There are maps that combine open space and rooms separated by narrow corridors, maps depicting objects subjected to a terrorist attack, naval bases and much more.

    How to Make CS GO Maps on Mac

    CSS Background Maker is a great and innovative tool for Counter-Strike Source. This program changes the background Counter - Strike Source to any image you want. Made for Mac OS X 10.7+ CS GO Hack for Mac with backward compatibility. This tool was specifically designed to work on Mac OS X Lion and later versions. All Mac OS X versions from Lion and above (including MacOS Sierra) are supported.

    Updated tutorial here: Download map file. Starting from scratch, I install the program to make maps for CS: GO using the most simple card. Recording Studio application for Mac. This is useful for people who have started making maps, and for those who know how to make a map, but want to know how to transfer their map to CS GO, as there are small changes. - First step (required) - Getting started in the editor - Theory by level (Not necessary, but USEFUL for new players and newcomers to the CS GO mapping. And yes, everything explained here is necessary to create a working level. First map (experienced users can skip this part if they have already seen the previous / already have a functional level) - play it in the game (important for everyone who maps CS GO for the first time).

    Best CS GO Maps

    Here are the best cards in the COP GO to date. Many cards are already very tired of the players, so the developers of Valve are constantly adding new maps, as is right with the operations. But it is not strange, many cards are borrowed from the old, good, classic version of Counter-Strike 1.6, which are processed to the best graphic parameters, as well as refined for a better balance.

    1v1 CS GO Maps

    One of the best mods CS: GO Multi 1v1 Arena. As you guessed, the game is one on one. The essence of this addon is that, for example, 12 people are playing on your server, 6 arenas are being created, and if the player is respawning, I suggest choosing the preferred rifles and grenades. And the game is played until the last, until there is 1 player out of all.

    There is also a 1x1 subway map - a small map is made to play 1x1. It is made at one of the metro stations. In the subway there are alternative passes to catch your opponent. Very interesting map in order to prove to the enemy who will be the best shooter in CS: GO.

    There is an am_bigsewer interesting map - it is very quickly gaining momentum in popularity in the European space, helping you improve your shooting skills, tactics and reactions. One of the advantages of this mapy is that the opponents will be less ratsy, because all the locations are carefully thought out. If you want to practice, this CS: GO card is perfect for this.

    And last but not least, the new map for the CS Mirage Bombsite B 1vs1 Arena, which will greatly capture you with its famous interface. Do you often play friends with friends? Now, if you want to wait for your 3 friends, download this map and play at your pleasure. In the near future, a more improved map will appear on our mods gaming site. These are the versions we are currently working on.

    AIM Training CS GO Maps

    Shooting in a CS: GO game is one of the most important elements of the game. The shooting level shows who owns the skill better. And to improve your shooting skill in CS: GO, you need to train. Specialized cards that are effective for developing accuracy are well suited for this. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 5 best cards for training an AIM with bots. We warn that this is not the TOP, but simply a list.

    The first card for training aim - Training Center 1.5c. We will start immediately the best card in our opinion, which has many functions and is effective for training your aim. This is a map called Training Center 1.5c. What is a card like? By name you can understand that this is a training center, which is really so. There are whole complexes, each of which carries a specific task. So there is a complex for learning how to build grenades, clamping, reaction speed, shooting and others. Any weapon from CS: GO is available. So this is a good choice for training aima and not only.

    The second card for training training - training_aim_csgo. To begin with, the map training_aim_csgo is the most popular card in the training category on Steam. And this is certainly not just the case, there are many training modes on the map, each of which can be completely customized. There are five types to choose from: target shooting, reaction speed shooting, clamp training and so on. On the map there is a counter of correct and incorrect shots. It is possible to choose the distance to the training screen. Everything happens without bots, but they are not needed. The map definitely helps a lot in the development of aim and speed of reaction.

    The third card for training aim - Aim Botz. The details of the Aim Botz map would have to be described very much, since there are very, very many different parameters on this map. We will tell only a little. This card has become very popular due to various professional players and streamers, as most of them train here. In addition to the settings of bots and everything else, there is an opportunity to put obstacles encountered in the game, and even here, it is possible to customize everything for yourself.

    Fourth card for training aim - Fast Aim / Reflex. The Fast Aim / Reflex card, as well as the previous version, became famous for streamers and professional players. But they are completely different from each other. There is no large number of settings here, since the idea of the map is simple. Bots are running at you, and you need to destroy them as accurately and quickly as possible, without letting yourself be slaughtered. Accuracy, reaction and the ability to quickly target the target are well trained, because you will have to shoot bots at 360 degrees.

    Recoil Master Fifth Training Card. The Recoil Master card is not quite suitable for training aim, but for training a clip. But the fact is that learning to clamp with a weapon, you learn accuracy, and accuracy is equal to aim. And in practice, pinching the barrel is much more efficient than trying to get exactly in the head. Yes, and in the case of missing the head, here you learn to quickly navigate and transfer shots of cartridges into the body, which still allow you to destroy opponents.

    Grenade Practice CS GO Maps

    An important part of the co-operation game in CS: GO is the disclosure of grants (fumes), and therefore, we see a lot of cues (we can see the viewpoint and we have the sight of the sight and sight. But he has never comprehended to throw and how it is done. Do you like it? Therefore, CS: GO created maps for installation. Here is a list of maps that will be supported by CS: GO:

    • Dust 2 - Smoke Practice;
    • * OUTDATED * Cache - Smoke Practice;
    • Inferno Training by Dolnma;
    • Mirage Training by Dolnma;
    • Overpass Training by Dolnma;
    • Dust2 Training by Dolnma;
    • Mirage Bombsite A T Smokes;
    • Inferno Terrorist Smokes;

    Download cards and practice!

    CS GO Maps to Improve AWP

    Aiming is the basis of Counter-Strike. Correct and fast aiming can save you and your ally, for example, when an unsuccessful rush or if you have an eco round. If you used to play Counter-Strike, then this will not help you much and you may have difficulties, as the game mechanics and character models are greatly changed in CS GO.

    So let's start: I have a terrible shooting from AK at long range and I have to make great efforts to get a frag in the eco round. I begin to use this weapon better after spending a few hours in a CS: GO Competition match, but it is easy to forget about the problems with aiming in the middle of a match, having fallen into an emotional situation. In CS: GO, many nuances are hidden — especially the patterns of scatter of bullets of a weapon when sprayed (firing a long line). Aim cards can show what you are doing wrong. Repeating and honing, they will help improve your shooting and get rid of bad habits.

      Aim maps:
    • Aim csgo 2. Hone the accuracy and speed of fire. She has tons of settings. You can configure it to hone any skills, from firing at a long distance from the AWP, to a spray at the close distance to the target, to eliminate which requires several hits.
    • Bot Aim V4b. To practice any weapon, but for myself I have found that it is best suited for honing the pistol shooting skill. The map loads several bots into a narrow corridor and several switchable obstacles — drawers and a pair of doors — which makes it possible to create a more practical environment than target shooting.
    • Aim botz. The pistol map is the best I've found to hone shooting for opponents. Movement of bots is not natural (you can adjust the speed of their movement higher than that of ordinary players, this can be seen in the video), but you can mirror various “ADAD” patterns that will affect the maneuvers of opponents.

    Hide and Seek CS GO Maps

    What is Hide and Seek CS GO maps? This is a round based mode in which a team of players is selected for environmental objects and must be hidden from people. Each player selected as an object can choose one of two random options (very different in size) and can spend 1000 points to pull the handle if someone is not satisfied with the obstacles that it is proposed to mask under. Obstacles must merge with the background or avoid being noticed in order to survive the round. Players and objects are affected by falling damage.

    With a recent update, players watching the props team can find survivors by pressing the T key. Each viewer can only vote once per round. Each “living” survivor has a maximum of 10 thumbs. Once per round, objects will have to change their shape during a 20-second countdown to the second minute.

      Available Hide and Seek maps:

    • Market;
    • Assault;
    • Italy;
    • Vantage;
    • Cobble;
    • Militia;
    • Aquarium;
    • Freighter;
    • Studio
    • Festival